Sara says…. I just learned something new about Brandon that I had never realized before. Brandon is a huge punk rock fan! Just like me! Kelly is also on drugs, just like me!! Oh I kid how I kid, ahem, me kidding I swear. So Brandon in his good boy looks actually said the quote above to this nosy newspaper girl who wanted to write a story about Donna’s meat head boyfriend and his heart issues although I think he should have his head checked out for dating miss piggy. I thought Brandon’s quote was catchy and I am a poor spellarz so I went on the internets to look at how to spell handgrenades which I still think I misspelled but that’s neither here nor there now. The wealths of wikipedia gave me this information possibly where this quote came from…

The GC5 provided a political charge to their music comparable to that of The Clash and Stiff Little Fingers. Lyrics included themes of social and political discontent, leftist politics, and the struggle of the working class. In 2000, The GC5 released their debut album Kisses From Hanoi, and in 2001, the band released the EP Horseshoes and Handgrenades.

Now I know nothing about this band, they could suck big sweaty balls but the fact that they are compared to The Clash and Stiff Little Fingers which are not terrible bands by any means then whatever I will get on board with it for the time being, until I actually listen to them and realize they SUCK! (p.s. bands that do not suck right now are The Deadly Snakes, Exploding Hearts, Digital Leather, and Lost Sounds, the only things I am listening to at the moment and I knew you would be interested in that and if not whatever I wanted to prove how cool I was. You could probably already tell that I was cool but I’m insecure about it so I have to shove it down your throats.) Now this of course is just me snooping around and his quote could have come from something older and lamer like an Irish limerick but fuck that, Brandon likes punk rock and I kinda think I knew it all along but didn’t want to make him even more sexier than he could possibly be for fear of my head exploding.

Could Brandon be more perfect? Could he because I really don’t think so. He is smart, funny, likes punk rock, and has James Dean hair it’s like god looked into my inner hearts desire and made me the perfect man. So if you have stuck with me through this rant then you are a really top notch person but if not I will just recap BRANDON LIKES PUNK ROCK, I LIKE PUNK ROCK, BRANDON AND I WILL GET MARRIED SOME DAY. It’s the only logical conclusion.

P.S.  I am also ignoring the fact that this album came out way after Brandon said this, but I will look for any excuse to think that Brandon likes punk rock.  So don’t rain on my parade with any kind of truth or facts don’t even think about it because I’m not listening to you, lalalalalalala.


Sara says… This will be my first sober post, therefore it will not be as witty and fun as my other ones and a little more on the bitter soggy old woman side. Much like the day old cold nachos I am eating right now because it is the only thing I have in my fridge other than condiments and trash.

So I have a bone to pick with Andrea, who the hell does she think she is? Like she would ever have a chance with the glory of Brandon. I just watched the episode where Brenda and Donna go to France which is a debacle in itself and almost makes me like Brenda which makes me feel uncomfortable. If only Donna wasn’t such an annoying American with bad hair and bright outfits then I can go back to hating old crooked eyes. Anyways I digress, so the rest of the gang are staying at the beach in some weird beach resort and then Dylan and Kelly get together and don’t even get me started on that those cheating whores!!! Anyways I digress again! So Brandon kisses Andrea when she falls for the young republican i.e. Peter Kraus. How could Andrea ever think that Brandon would seriously want to get with her. Doesn’t she know that she is his charity case!! She is like 40 years old with bad crows feet and mom jeans, it would be highly improbable that Brandon the hottest boy ever would seriously want to get with that. He is such a good person that he pretended to have feelings for her for like 5 seconds to make her feel wanted and confuse her enough to doubt dating a republican which once again proves my point that Brandon is selfless and a giver. Brandon is so much better than Andrea I can’t even list all the reasons why here because my nachos would become room temperature and then I might actually get sick from eating them instead of just a little nauseous. The point of all of this is that Brandon is better than Andrea, period!

p.s. David has some sweet beats on this episode “You are so precious to me, am I precious to you”. I sing that to Brandon every day in my head.

The proof is in the cold nachos…..

Scott Says…

Whether your life goals encompass riches, international travel, or overwhelming political power, the only thing that matters in the end is having a BBFF, a bro best friend forever. Dylan had riches, a beautiful wife, a great car, and sweet criminal connections; in short, he had every thirteen-year-old’s dream life. And you know what, he lost it all. But it never killed him, it only made him stronger because he had his BBFF.


It’s true that Brandon could handle the hard lonely cliffs of life in Beverly Hills on his own, but it was nice that he had Dylan to look out for; and without Brandon, Dylan would have been a cold dead heap to be scraped off of the rocks of the Pacific with a spatula had it not been for Brandon. So wherever your life takes you, always remember that the most important thing you have is your BBFF.  Especially if that BBFF is Brandon Walsh, and that is why Brandon is so hot!

Yep, Brandon is Hot!

May 10, 2008

Scott says…

Today, Dylan’s wife (Rebecca Gayheart) was totally shot by a hitman her father hired to kill Dylan. It was the type of situation that really calls on the type of strength in character to realize that vengeance can’t bring back those you lost. Dylan showed true maturity in his decision not to shoot her father when presented with the opportunity. He let go and left Beverly Hills to find peace on the open road.

It’s a good thing that Brandon wasn’t presented with the same opportunity because he would have definitely shot the guy.


Brandon is the voice of reason. He always had the level headed coolness that could tackle a situation with an unbiased heart and make the right decision, and everyone agrees that Dylan should have shot that old bastard in the face, and you don’t cross Brandon Walsh.

So Dylan is gone for now, always to return in reruns, but the important thing to remember is that the Hot half of the Walsh twins will never leave his zip code. That’s why Brandon is so hot.

Sara says…. OK so this is how it starts, I’m sitting here with Colleen from Beauty Booty (Sasqatuaon*) and I was thinking about Brandon Walsh’s ass, and I was thinking how nice it was. I tried to find a picture of it on google but google failed me so I will have to just describe it to you. Colleen has given me the best description of his ass as the perfect loaf of bread, but not like a small loaf of bread but like a carb free loaf of bread b/c it is more compact. Brandon Walsh has a no carb ass! Brandon is that a keg in your pants because I would like to tap that. Will regret tomorrow enjoy.

*drunk misspelling too lazy to google b/c google fails me every time done over explaining.

Sara says……I have loved Brandon about most of my childhood and adult life, not that I didn’t appreciate Dylan for his bad boy attitude and constant air of danger. There is something to be said for Brandon’s good boy ethics and charming smile that just screams I WILL TAKE YOUR DAUGHTER OUT AND RESPECT HER EVEN THOUGH SHE WILL TRY TO FUCK ME BECAUSE I AM SO PRETTY THAT NO ONE WOULD BE ABLE STOP THEMSELVES BUT I WILL NOT LET HER LOSE HER VIRGINITY TO MY OVERPOWERING MASCULINITY.

Plus his eyes sparkle, I think that’s the most important part of it, sparkles!!!!!